Here (eno)culture is not an exception. It’s not a white page. It can also be red.

At Terraço Editorial we commend enoculture, putting your mastery to the test, in fun soirées, with challenges, curiosities and toasts to cheer. If you believe you already drank the necessary knowledge du vin, gather some friends and sign up to one of our quizz nights. The prizes varie from 100€ in a selection of wine, gastronomic experiencess and who knows what else will come to mind to amaze whomever salutes us with their expertise.

In case you are looking for a different group event to celebrate a special date, may it be private or corporate, why not book an exclusive quizz night?

To know more about dates, enrollements, or to book your event, follow us on social media @editorialterraco or get in touch via email at info@terraç .  

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